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With New Power™ as your energy company, it is possible to see savings on your energy bill right away. Some of our customers save $800 a year or more!

New Power™ has made switching to solar easy. We have some of the fastest installation times in the industry. We care about the customer experience, and aim to create a personalized, professional experience for you. We will help
you understand your agreement, give you thorough instruction on your home’s solar power station, and make every step of the process swift and smooth. All you have to do is flip the switch.

*Savings vary based on variables such as electricity consumption, roof location and direction, and utility structures.


Many people are curious about solar and its benefits. Cost savings are one possible benefit of getting solar panels installed on your home. Solar is an investment. It’s an investment in your home, the environment, and it can protect against rising energy costs.  Solar is a smart investment that typically costs you less than you’re paying right now. It protects you against rising energy costs and it can save you money long term.

Savings Calculator

Use the slider below to see how much you could save*. Solar power regularly costs less than getting your power from the utility company.

Slide to select your average electricity bill

10% 30% 55%
Year 1 Savings /yr /yr /yr
*30 Year Savings $ $ $

*Savings calculations are for estimation purposes only.  30 year savings assume consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3% average yearly utility rate increase.  Savings vary based on many variables.


We know that switching to solar energy is a big decision and sounds like a long process but so we make it simple. We are consistently among the fastest residential solar installation companies in the industry.



We like flexible options and know that you do too. We don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. We find the right plan for you. We factor in variables such as: usage, location, suneye readings and credit score.  We will go over all the options working together to find the right fit for you and your family. With zero down and flexible financing options solar is a real option for you.


With maintenance included on most systems and expertly engineered panels, your system will be around for many years to come. Our engineers are on call to help fix any issue that may arise. With warranties ON BOTH PANELS AND INVERTERS for 25 years, your system will be around for decades to come.


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  • Temple HTemple HMurrieta,CA

    What I like about New Power that sets them apart from the other Solar companies that have come to our door is that New Power doesn't charge anything up front. We were looking to save money and there was a $0 down payment. It was a really good thing for our family.

  • John E.John E.Redlands, CA

    All we have to do is wait for the bills, not to show up.

  • Chris G.Chris G.Redlands,CA

    No upfront cost made it a no brainer.

  • Maria S.Maria S.

    As soon as we turned on the AC, we could see that the energy bill sky rocketed, it went from $70 to $400 we knew that we needed to o something. It was a huge difference not only for the environment but also allows us to save on our energy cost.

  • Benny C.Benny C.

    Solar is good for the environment, good for our pocket, and a great investment for long term.

  • Allen & Sharon P.Allen & Sharon P.Highland, CA

    Other companies have come, but New Power is the first company that we had a positive thing with.

  • Bill H.Bill H.Redlands,CA

    I am very pleased with the expertise and the neatness of the instillation crew. I haven't seen anything that I can complain about.

  • Carl & Deborah A.Carl & Deborah A.Highland, CA

    Installers were very professional, they took the time to explain to me what was going on.

  • Cory J.Cory J.

    I chose solar because I was sick of being afraid to turn my AC on because the electric bill would be too high.

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